TENS Therapy

TENS Therapy

TENS Therapy.

No matter what the cause may be, pain is more than a simple inconvenience. Acute pain (such as that caused by an injury or surgery) or chronic pain (such as low back pain caused by misalignment) can quickly become a major issue that prevents you from enjoying your favorite activities. If pain is interfering with your everyday routine, you may want to consider a treatment option called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

What Is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)?

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS, is a type of therapy that uses a low-voltage electrical current to provide pain relief. Electrodes are typically applied to the affected area, or to specific pressure points. Once the electrodes have been attached, a gentle electrical current is delivered. This current passes through the skin and travels along your nerve fibers, and is able to override or even block the pain signals your nerves are sending to your brain.

TENS provides a noninvasive option for temporary, and sometimes even long-lasting, pain relief. Beyond pain relief, TENS can also be used to control or even eliminate muscle spasms.

The Benefits Of TENS.

Because the electrodes can be applied to treat very specific areas, it is a very versatile treatment option. While it can be used to treat a wide variety of issues, it is most commonly used for the following:

  • Pain Management. If you experience chronic pain, TENS can provide lasting pain relief without the need for invasive treatments or powerful medications. No matter what the root cause of your pain may be, you may want to consider incorporating TENS into your treatment plan.
  • Recovery From Surgery. Following surgery, many patients are prescribed potent pain relief drugs (including narcotic drugs) that can have major side effects. TENS treatments can be used to manage pain following surgery, and reduce the need for pain relief medications.
  • Soreness or Injury. Sore or injured muscles can lead to ongoing discomfort and a limited range of motion. Left untreated, your body may compensate for the injury by putting more strain on other areas. By combining TENS treatments with other methods such as manual adjustment or movement based massage, we can help manage the pain and relieve the cause of your discomfort.

What Is The TENS Treatment Process Like?

Though the TENS treatment technique is advanced, the process for you as a patient is quite simple. During the consultation and examination process, Dr. Bomberg will develop a unique treatment plan for you. Once the affected areas have been located, electrodes will be carefully applied to your skin in those areas. The adhesive used to apply the electrodes is gentle, and designed to prevent skin irritation.

With the electrodes in place, the treatment process can begin. Dr. Bomberg will gradually administer an electrical current. You may feel a buzzing or tingling sensation. While this sensation may be strong, it will not feel uncomfortable.

When Can I Expect To Notice Results?

Depending on the location and severity of your pain, you may not notice immediate results from your TENS therapy session. In some cases, it may take a few days or weeks before you achieve the results you are hoping for. It’s important to stick to your treatment plan to achieve the best possible outcome.

Most commonly, you will first experience better overall pain control. Eventually, you should start to experience longer lasting pain relief. If you are using medications for pain relief, you may be able to reduce your usage over time.

We are excited to offer TENS treatment as a non-invasive pain management solution for our patients. If you’re interested in learning more about the process, and how it may help you with pain management, contact our office today!

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