Pricing Options

Pricing Options

Dr. Bomberg adjusting a women's spine.

Paying for your chiropractic services doesn’t have to be a headache. Let Bomberg Chiropractic in Plymouth help you get the care you deserve by finding the right payment option(s) for you! You can pay with an HSA or FSA, set up a payment plan, or pay with insurance. 

Pay With Your HSA or FSA

If you have a Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account, we will accept it!

Set Up a Payment Plan

Dr. Bomberg offers flexible payment plans! You can pay per visit, make monthly payments on a set number of visits, or purchase a package of visits at a discounted rate.

Payments can be either prepaid or automated, which our patients find to be convenient.

  • Pay Per Visit 

Some patients decide to pay for their visits on an individual basis. This pricing option works well for patients who may not need to visit as frequently.

  • Make Monthly Payments for a Set Number of Visits

For patients who visit our office on a very routine basis, this payment option tends to be the most convenient.

  • Buy a Package of Multiple Visits at Once

If you’re a patient who visits our office more frequently, you may prefer to pay upfront for multiple visits at a discounted rate. Packages of 15, 25, and 52 visits are available.

Pay With Auto Insurance for Car Accidents

Minnesota is a no-fault state. This means whether you were at fault in your car accident or not, it doesn’t matter – your auto insurance provider will cover your recovery care. 

Dr. Bomberg is ready to work directly with any auto insurance company and handle all billing and submissions. All appointments will be covered at 100% by your auto insurance after your deductible (most people don't have auto deductibles). We also have great relationships with attorneys if needed to settle your case when the at-fault party’s insurance company is involved. 

We can help you work with Progressive, State Farm, Farmers Insurance, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Geico, Allstate, American Family Insurance, Travelers Insurance, and other auto insurance companies to get chiropractic care covered after your accident.

Pay With Health Insurance

We work with insurance companies directly so you don’t have to! Bomberg Chiropractic accepts Medica, United Healthcare, and Medicare. 

If you have a different insurance provider or no insurance, we can still help you! In fact, oftentimes it’s better NOT to use your insurance for the following reasons. 

Why Insurance Isn’t Always Recommended

Bomberg Chiropractic is no longer in-network with Health Partners, Cigna, PreferredOne, UCare, or Aetna. This isn’t necessarily bad news – if we were to bill your insurance, you would be limited to 12 visits a year, and your first appointment would be $150. 

Currently, first appointments are $50 or free when you pay cash!

Also, each treatment afterward with insurance would be between $54-87, whereas when you pay with cash, at most it is $50 per visit. With the care plans we offer, prices can get as low as $15!

Please read these additional important notes from Dr. Bomberg regarding insurance:

  • In most cases, you will actually save money when not using your insurance, because most patients have high deductible plans. 
  • The fee schedules or the amount you owe when using your insurance is typically significantly higher than when you opt for one of our cash payment plans. 
  • All of our patients who have changed over to cash plans have been happier, with fewer headaches from their insurance!
  • Insurance limits the number of visits you get to use. Even if you have unlimited chiropractic benefits, your insurance can and will deny your treatments if you come in for more than 8 appointments.
  • All of our patients who have changed over to cash plans have fewer relapses and have been able to maintain their positive health changes.
  • All of our patients who have changed over to cash plans have found they have less issues with limitations from their insurance. They are paying less for each visit and getting more!
  • When you don’t use insurance, your provider (Dr. Bomberg) has less restrictions on what he can treat and what he can't, which makes it a better experience for patients. 

Let Us Help You Get the Best Possible Care

At Bomberg Chiropractic, our goal is to provide the best possible care for our patients. Rather than follow a “one size fits all” treatment process, we only administer the specific treatments that we feel will offer the best outcome for our patients’ health.

Just as our chiropractic care and wellness plans are tailored to suit each patient, our pricing options are equally flexible based on your needs. Because it takes time to start seeing lasting results from chiropractic service, our goal is to match you with a treatment plan that you are able to maintain easily. With our payment options, we have the ability to bill insurance companies directly and will work with you to determine deductibles and copays based on your health insurance plan.

Your ideal pricing options will vary based on your specific treatment needs and the frequency of your visits. To learn more about our services and pricing options, contact us today!

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