Pricing Options

Pricing Options

Dr. Bomberg adjusting a women's spine. pricing options for Bomberg Chiropractic.

At Bomberg Chiropractic, our goal is to provide the best possible care for our patients. Rather than follow a “one size fits all” treatment process, we only administer the specific treatments that we feel will offer the best outcome for our patients’ health.

Just as our treatment plans are tailored to suit each patient, our pricing options are equally flexible based on your needs. Because it takes time to start seeing lasting results from chiropractic treatment, our goal is to match you with a treatment plan that you are able to maintain more easily. Within our payment options, we have the ability to bill insurance companies directly and will work you to determine deductibles and copays based on your health insurance plan.

Rather than offering big payment plans, we offer pricing options that make it easier for you to visit as frequently as you would like. Our pricing options include:

  • Pay per visit. Some patients decide to pay for their visits on an individual basis. This pricing option works well for patients who may not need to visit as frequently.
  • Pay for multiple visits at once. For patients who visit our office more frequently, they may prefer to pay upfront for multiple visits at a discounted rate.
  • Monthly payment for a set number of visits. For patients who visit our office on a very routine basis, this payment option tends to be the most convenient.

Your pricing options will vary based on your specific treatment needs, and the frequency of your visits. To learn more about our services and pricing options, contact us today!

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