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Dr. Tom Bomberg graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota. After getting his start at a large chiropractic clinic in downtown Chicago, Dr. Bomberg realized that the large, impersonal clinic setting didn’t suit his treatment style. In order to accomplish his goal of providing personalized, patient-focused care, Dr. Bomberg decided to open his own small clinic near the O’Hare airport.

After relocated back to Minnesota to start his family, Dr. Bomberg was able to continue growing his practice while sticking to his original goal of providing patient-focused chiropractic care. With a new clinic space, Dr. Bomberg is able to offer a variety of services and techniques to improve patient outcomes. Dr. Bomberg also works closely with an on-site team of massage therapists, health coaches, and other experts to enhance the health of his clients.

Rather than focusing purely on chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Bomberg utilizes a unique combination of adjustments and soft tissue treatments. Left untreated, tight muscles can pull an adjustment back out of place. By treating the soft tissue in addition to the typical adjustment, Dr. Bomberg is able to provide his patients with longer-lasting results.

Dr. Bomberg’s hands-on approach stems from his “patient comes first” mindset. His patient-oriented focus allows him to help his patients feel better by understanding and treating their individual symptoms. Rather than follow a “one size fits all” approach to chiropractic care, Dr. Bomberg and the team at Bomberg Chiropractic are able to provide specific and tailored treatment options to their patients.

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Why Choose Dr. Tom Bomberg

He Cares About Your Health

Dr. Tom Bomberg prides himself in listening to what his patients want, and works hard to provide them with the exact chiropractic services that they need. Healthcare isn’t one-size-fits-all, and Dr. Tom Bomberg’s focus is on providing personalized services tailored to each patient.

He Respects Your Time

Dr. Tom Bomberg values and respects your time. You have a busy schedule, and getting the chiropractic treatment you need should be convenient for you. Keeping to your scheduled appointment time is something Dr. Tom Bomberg strives to respect.

He Wants To Help

Dr. Tom Bomberg values each of his patients. Through personalized healthcare services that use cutting-edge techniques, Dr. Tom Bomberg’s goal is to provide his patients with the excellent chiropractic service in New Hope MN,  they expect and deserve.

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