Insurance Friendly

Insurance Friendly

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Get the Chiropractic Care You Deserve

Let’s work together to create your unique and effective treatment plan! Coordinating with your health insurance provider is often important to getting the care you need, but if Dr. Bomberg is out of network for you, there are other options to get the care you deserve.

You should also know that filing an insurance claim is not always the most cost-effective option for multiple reasons explained at the link above. Our team can help you navigate this process to find the best plan for your needs!

Below are the current Twin Cities health insurance providers we work with at Bomberg Chiropractic. If you don’t see your provider listed, please give us a call, and we’ll find a solution.

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Use Auto Insurance to Cover Accident Treatment

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If you or a loved one has recently been in a car accident, you may be thinking, “Now what?” You are not alone – Minnesota has an average of 205 car crashes daily, and 40% of those result in an injury.

The next steps in a car accident can be frustrating and time-consuming. You’ll work closely with your insurance company to ensure you, your passengers, and any other affected parties can return to life as usual as quickly as possible. While you navigate this process, it is easy to overlook minor aches and pains that often come with an accident, but this can drastically impact your long-term health and well-being.

We encourage every patient in a car accident to strongly consider chiropractic care as a fast and natural step toward recovery. Some patients may pay for their treatment out of pocket, but most people leverage insurance coverage to pay for chiropractic treatment. Minnesota is a no-fault state, so you can use your auto insurance for all coverage.

Dr. Bomberg can help you work with Progressive, State Farm, Farmers Insurance, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Geico, Allstate, American Family Insurance, Travelers Insurance, and other auto insurance companies to get chiropractic care covered after your accident.

How to Get Chiropractic Covered for Car Accidents

Dr. Bomberg is ready to work directly with your auto insurance and handle all billing and submissions. All appointments will be covered at 100% by your auto insurance after your deductible (most people don't have auto deductibles). We also have great relationships with attorneys if needed to settle your case.

Your auto insurance rate cannot increase because of an accident – that is illegal!

While working with your insurance company to determine your complete coverage options is important, we have outlined a few key factors to ensure your treatments are paid for.

Prove Expenses Associated With the Accident

It is crucially important to begin treatment as soon as possible – both for your own health and recovery and to prove your injuries were a direct result of an accident. For this reason, we encourage all patients to complete an evaluation as soon as possible.

Document Injuries & Treatments

Proper documentation of your symptoms, the type severity of the injury, and your treatment plan strengthen your personal injury claim. Be sure to select a chiropractor who is well-versed in this type of treatment, as your notes and records will be vital in ensuring coverage.

Schedule an Appointment & We’ll Help Figure Out Coverage

At Bomberg Chiropractic, we know that recovering from a car accident or injury can be physically and mentally exhausting. We aim to make this process easy and efficient while returning you to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

Dr. Bomberg has many years of experience treating injuries from auto accidents and working with insurance companies to help you begin your healing process. He offers a wide range of services, including critical post-accident care.

To schedule an initial consultation, contact us at 763.450.1755 or email

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