Dr. Bomberg evaluating a clients writs.

As someone who has competed in Ultimate Frisbee at the international level, Dr. Bomberg knows firsthand just how hard the sport can be on an athlete’s body. Muscle strains and sprains are quite common in the sport, with the ankles, knees, shoulders, and hands being among the most frequently injured anatomical regions. Luckily, many of these injuries can be avoided with the proper prevention measures.

In his spare time, Dr. Bomberg enjoys helping his fellow athletes prevent and treat injuries through his sponsorships of Ultimate Frisbee teams. He regularly attends practices to support players, and gives them tips on things they can do, both on and off the field, to prevent injuries. His focus is on showing players the value of doing warm up and cool down exercises now, rather than having to fix injury-related issues down the road.

If a player does get hurt on the field, Dr. Bomberg steps in to assess the injury, and serves as the player’s primary reference on their road to recovery.

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Edina Ultimate

The Edina Ultimate program specializes in providing and teaching the sport of Ultimate Frisbee to those in the Edina school district. The program was founded back in 2003, and in recent years has grown to become the largest single high school Ultimate team in the country with over 150 students each year. Other accolades for the program include, combined with the boys and girls teams, 8 conference championships and 4 Minnesota state championships, and the Edina program has also produced two athletes who have represented Team USA's National Team for international competition. The program is continuing to show growth for the future with rising interest in the middle school age group, and a strong supportive leadership structure. We are happy to be aligned with others who share our values and passion for growth and success.

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Robbinsdale-Armstrong Punch


Robbinsdale Armstrong High School is home to one of the oldest ultimate frisbee programs in the state, dating back to at least 2006. The boys' (open) team goes by the name of Falcon Punch. We have a group of around 35 young men who are committed to learning the game, pushing themselves to improve, and competing in a fair manner. This will be my fourth season coaching here, and I have enjoyed watching the freshmen who were here when I started grow up into seniors. I have also had the pleasure of watching a few of my players continue on into the college division. Our season stretches from the beginning of April through the beginning of June, and is packed with activity due to the often late start of Minnesota spring. Both of our teams goals include building toward the state tournament at the end of the season.

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