Harkins Chiropractic Center

Dear Patients:

I started this practice from scratch in 2019 and have enjoyed four years of meeting and doing my best to help the awesome folks of the Plymouth area. As some of you know, I experienced a heart attack in December and now this July, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I have a big struggle on my hands going forward. Both of my children live near Appleton, Wisconsin and are my only family since losing my wife to ovarian cancer in 2015. Therefore, I have made the decision to bring in a new doctor on September 1st, 2023. His name is Dr. Bomberg, he is a friend and a colleague who graduated from the same college as me and works very similarly. I will still be here through September 14th in the clinic with Dr. Bomberg. Shawna will remain working here as she loves her job and will continue to do great work for our patients. I can not thank you enough for the opportunity to be your doctor over the past four years. It means so much to me. Please come in and say hello to Dr. Bomberg when you get a chance as he is anxious to meet each of you. If you would like to meet Dr. Bomberg prior to your appointment, please follow this link. God Bless!

Dr. Michael Harkins, DC

Dr Harkins
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