Bomberg Chiropractic is excited to announce a new on-site program we are opening up to better serve our community at your place of business. If you are a business owner, office coordinator or human resource manager, we have a great opportunity to show appreciation to your employees. Additionally, providing value to your team, setting up an Office Ergonomic Check-Up is a great tool to utilize in order to improve your employee’s desk quickly and cost-effectively. 


            Dr. Bomberg has spent hundred of hours on proper ergonomics specific to office ergonomics and setting up office workstations. He became passionate specifically with office ergonomics after seeing how physically depending spending 8 hours a day at a desk affects the body and overall health. His goal is to empower and educate people on proper ergonomics while working at a desk. That is why he has instead a community outreach program called Office Ergonomic Check-Ups, with a focus of office settings ranging from 2-50 employees.


What happens at the Office Ergonomic Check-Up is amazing for increasing productivity, lowering health insurance costs and decreases employee sick days. Dr. Bomberg comes to your office, spends 5 minutes at each work station and provides tailored, cost-effective solutions to improve your workstations that day! Each ergonomic improvement is customized to the individual at their respective desks. Suggestions on monitor placement, height of chair, keyboard, etc. are all going to be discussed during the 5 minute Office Ergonomic Check-Up. 


Along with the customized improvements to each employee’s office space, Dr. Bomberg will also provide a few easy to apply tools to help them continue to be aware of posture and proper ergonomics after the check-up is over. These tools are things Dr. Bomberg and his team use and want to share them in order to continue their health goals at work. There is no sales pitch, no pressure, only good honest information. 


Dr. Bomberg only has a few times each week to provide Ergonomic Check-ups, so schedule your check ups now and make sure you will get the dates and times you and your team need for the fall. You can schedule you and your team’s on-site check-up today!