So, you’ve been in a car accident – what happens next? Aside from talking with your auto insurance company, and dealing with getting your car repaired, now is the time to take note of any physical symptoms that show up a few days after your accident.  Other than the classic neck pain and back pain usually associated with auto accident injuries, there are other symptoms you should be looking for – headaches, stiffness, tightness, and numbness are all symptoms that you should pay attention to after an accident.


If you are feeling any kind of pain after a car accident, you should understand your options for treatment of that auto injury. But how do you choose? Each chiropractor is different in their treatment philosophies.  If you value personalized treatment plans focused on healing, state of the art techniques and an insurance friendly process, then Bomberg Chiropractic in New Hope is a good place to start.


Dr. Tom Bomberg’s approach to care is to help you make progress towards feeling better, diminish your pain and feel better long term. Some chiropractors have a one-size-fits-all treatment plan for patients who suffer pain from a car accident. No two patients at Bomberg Chiropractic are alike, and their treatment plans are as unique as the patient. At Bomberg Chiropractic, we start with a thorough discussion of your symptoms, available treatment options, and your schedule. We outline what a progression to wellness looks like and what treatment options are available to treat your pain caused by the car accident. Once you understand your options, we proceed with treatment towards healing and wellness.


You can rest easy that Dr. Bomberg has been trained on state of the art treatment techniques-  beyond the usual chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Bomberg is certified in Active Release Technique (ART), a movement based massage therapy that addresses soft tissue issues including nerves and joints. Often, pain from a car accident is caused by aggravation of pre-existing scarring on soft tissue. Dr. Bomberg uses ART to treat these issues, as well as other chiropractic techniques to alleviate your auto injury pain.  During each visit to Bomberg Chiropractic during your treatment plan, Dr. Bomberg checks in to make sure you are making progress towards lower pain levels and healing from your injury.


Need another reason to trust Bomberg Chiropractic? Dr. Bomberg helps you negotiate the complex insurance process associated with treatments for pain after a car accident. Dr. Bomberg works with you to submit your claims to involved insurance parties, and keeps meticulous records should the matter be reviewed in court. If you are working with an attorney to recover damages after your auto accident, it’s good to know that Dr. Bomberg’s detailed treatment notes have proven very valuable in achieving positive outcomes.


Finally, Dr. Bomberg knows that you want to return to wellness as soon as possible, and is part of your long-term treatment team. If during treatment, your progress towards healing isn’t sufficient, Dr. Bomberg is happy to refer you to medical specialists that can address specific residual issues. These specialists share the same tailored treatment philosophy – focusing on healing via minimally invasive treatment plans as a preferred option. Dr. Bomberg’s primary goal is to help you return to the same wellness you had before your car accident - rather than require a lifelong adjustment schedule that other chiropractors might recommend.


If you are looking for the best chiropractor in the Twin Cities to treat your pain after a car accident, then this New Hope Chiropractor is for you – call Bomberg Chiropractic at 763-450-1755 to make an appointment as soon as you can after a car accident. Or, schedule an appointment online: Bomberg Chiropractic serves patients from all over the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, and is very conveniently located for patients who live or work in the northwest suburbs of New Hope, Golden Valley, Plymouth, Crystal, and Robbinsdale. Dr. Bomberg is here to help you get back to a healthy, happy life.