Football season creates a lot of excitement during this time of year. From little leaguers just starting out to pro veterans, we all love to watch a good football game. Recent studies over the last decade, however, have revealed the harsh impact that players sustain during a football game have led to concussions and terminal back pain, neck pain, and head injuries.


Our Bomberg Chiropractors have treated many football players throughout the years, and have seen the effects of this rugged sport. Therefore, we have put together a quick guide of what you need to know about the connection between playing football and the need for a chiropractic adjustment.


Lower Back Pain Treatment

Whether you’re playing football in your backyard with friends or hitting the gridiron on a college or pro level, the lower back takes a beating after a couple of hours of hard play. Through chiropractic adjustment, our specialists can treat the pain that you may be experiencing from harsh physical activity associated with football. If you notice lower back pain, you should not delay in getting professional treatment. Doing so could worsen your condition and lead to more serious problems in the future.


Spinal Decompression

If you are experiencing pressure on the spinal cord after a rough bout with your opponents, then we recommend spinal decompression. This is a procedure in which we can relieve pressure on the spinal cord where the nerve roots pass through and exit the spinal column. Our chiropractic care specialists can improve the overall condition of your back and removes the intense compression that comes from getting hit multiple times while on the field. Decompression can treat medical conditions such as claudication, myelopathy, and radiculopathy.


Concussions and Head Trauma

If you have recently suffered a concussion, head trauma, or neck trauma, then we recommend getting treatment right away. These are severe injuries that require intensive therapy and possibly surgery. You can also follow up with corrective chiropractic procedures that will help relieve any post-traumatic pain you’re experiencing. We can also give you professional advice on how to protect yourself during football season so you can minimize or eliminate serious injuries to your head, back, neck, or spine.


Is Football Causing You Pain? We Can Help

Bomberg Chiropractic regularly treats athletes in all sports who experience pains in key muscle, bone, and joint areas. We can help your current conditions with lower back pain treatment and spinal decompression. Schedule an appointment with our contractors today by calling 763-450-1755. We treat athletes of all levels in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.