One of the first questions we hear from potential patients is “Do you accept health insurance?” And we are happy to respond with the answer of “Yes!” Did you know some chiropractors only work with clients who can pay for their treatments out of pocket? Bomberg Chiropractic is different than other chiropractors - we know that coordinating with your health insurance provider is an important part of getting the care you need. Unanswered insurance coverage questions and copay concerns can be a potential roadblock to getting the treatment you deserve, so we’ve made every effort to make Bomberg Chiropractic as insurance friendly as possible. 


What does insurance friendly mean? Exactly what it sounds like - before we put together a treatment plan, we make sure you have a good understanding of what will be covered by insurance based on your current deductible usage, copays, and available Health Savings account balances. We do this by using top-notch insurance claim submission software, which quickly confirms insurance coverage levels, copay schedules and out of pocket treatment costs. Once we have that information, we work with our patients structure a treatment plan that meets both your health and financial goals.


Being an insurance friendly chiropractor also means that we invest time to develop trusted relationships with major health insurance providers; this helps us stay up to date on insurance coverage limits for chiropractic care as well as treatment requirements for all major providers. We’ll advocate on your behalf with health insurance companies to get you the best coverage possible for the treatment you need to get healthy. Bomberg Chiropractic is a small, locally owned chiropractic practice – we personally know all our patients and their particular needs. We don’t have a big business office who has never met you or may not understand your situation. It’s personal to us because it’s important to you.


Last but definitely not least, being insurance friendly means we will file your chiropractic care health insurance claims for you. There’s no need for you to fill out forms, mail them in, all the while waiting for a response before getting the treatment you need and deserve. If your insurance coverage is through any of the insurance providers listed on our website, we have a streamlined process that will take the burden of paperwork and worry off your shoulders so that you can focus on the most important thing – healing and returning to your normal routine.


As 2017 comes to an end, and you are close to meeting your deductible requirements, now is the time to address untreated aches and pains, soft tissue problems or back and neck issues. We can also answer any questions you may have during the current open enrollment season about how your treatment might be covered under a new insurance plan. We work together with our patients to make sure we avoid unpleasant surprises and develop treatment plans that meet your needs.


We are proud of the fact that our patient-focused practice works with most of the common health insurance providers in the Twin Cities area. We work directly with Health Partners, United Health Care, Medica, Cigna, PreferredOne, UCare, and Optum. If your insurance is through another provider, we can work together to find a solution.


If you are looking for the best chiropractor in the Twin Cities, call Bomberg Chiropractic at 763-450-1755 or schedule an appointment online at our website: Bomberg Chiropractic serves patients from all over the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, and is very convenient for patients who live or work in the northwest suburbs of New Hope, Golden Valley, Plymouth, Crystal, and Robbinsdale. Dr. Bomberg and his team are committed to helping you achieve optimal health, naturally and affordably.


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