Welcome to part three of our, “Car Accident and Chiropractic Care” series. In this post, we will address what you should expect at your first appointment.


The Basics

Like many patients, you may be wondering what to expect during your first treatment. As we addressed in previous posts, having your insurance information available and a journal of the symptoms you are experiencing will help as we gather your patient information and history. Remember, although we are treating pain or injury after an auto accident, it is important to gather your extensive history and background to ensure speedy and successful recovery.

As always, it is important to bring any questions or concerns you may have to the doctor’s attention at this time. Your input and feedback allow us to customize your treatment and work hand-in-hand to deliver your desired outcomes.


Identifying the Pain

During your initial visit, we may also utilize a variety of techniques to locate the areas of injury or discomfort caused by your car accident. This can include x-rays or other imaging, which oftentimes is used to rule out severe injuries, or physical positioning of your body to identify your range of motion or specific areas of discomfort. This hands-on examination allows us to determine the extent of your injuries as well as begin planning your treatment.


Customized Treatment Plan

Once it has been determined that chiropractic care is the best course of treatment for you, Dr. Bomberg will outline your customized treatment. Most patients receive their first chiropractic treatment during the initial visit. For this reason, we recommend wearing comfortable clothing to your visit.

Like any chiropractic treatment, our goal is to alleviate pain and help “retrain” your body, thus treating your short-term discomfort and ensuring long-term health. With your recent auto accident injuries in mind, your upcoming treatment plan will focus on treating any injuries caused by the accident while protecting the long-term integrity of your physical health.

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