What are corporate athletes?


They spend long hours seated at their desk while working in the office. Sitting for long periods can cause stiffness and pain. If you have recently noticed stiffness or lower back pain, Bomberg Chiropractic can treat your condition through HydroMassage Therapy. To find out more about the benefits of HydroMassage Therapy, contact our Chiropractic clinic today and schedule a free consultation.


What is HydroMassage Therapy?


A good massage can improve your health, sense of well-being, and your mood. HydroMassage Therapy was developed to optimize physical, mental, and emotional healing that patients experience with massage. The difference is that a HydroMassage bed is designed to massage your entire body at the same time.


The bed utilizes pressurized water to massage a patient. The water provides enough flexibility on the surface to massage critical areas in the muscles and joints. When you lie down on the table will instantly feel the water pressure work on the areas where you are feeling sore.


You can rotate your body and adjust the bed as you like. You can target areas where you feel the most pain.


What are the Benefits of HydroMassage Therapy?


When you sit down in a chair all day long for five days a week, your body starts to suffer in the following ways:


●        Strained neck and shoulders

●        Back problems

●        Muscle degeneration

●        Leg disorders

●        Weak bones


Although doctors recommend that you get up every 30 minutes to work out your joints, as well as exercise and physical activity, sometimes these activities are not enough to work out the soreness in your back, shoulder, or joints.


A HydroMassage Bed can provide the relief you need with a full-body, water-based massage. There are several benefits to undergoing HydroMassage Therapy:


●        Warms up muscles and stimulate flexibility

●        Reduces soreness in critical areas where you feel it the most

●        Works out knots in the muscles from built-up tension

●        Eases chronic muscle and joint pain

●        Increases blood flow and lymphatic circulation

●        Promotes improved absorption of nutrients

●        Can help your body release harmful toxins and waste products through the pores


A Greater Sense of Well-Being


When your mind and body are relaxed, it eases the tension created from stress, physical pain, and long work days. After a session in the HydroMassage Bed, you will feel refreshed and calm.


HydroMassage Therapy can reduce anxiety, digestive problems, and high blood pressure. It allows you the freedom to forget about work and personal stress and focus on healing your body and mind.


Start a HydroMassage Therapy Treatment Plan


One of the greatest benefits of HydroMassage Therapy is that there is no limit to how many sessions you can schedule. You can come in once every day to enjoy a full-body massage. You will be amazed at how life-changing this simple therapy can be.


Massage therapists can provide a treatment plan that will work best to help you heal or loosen tight muscles. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of HydroMassage therapy, contact Dr. Bomberg and his team of massage therapists today!


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If you are a corporate athlete, you know firsthand how painful sitting in a chair all day can be. Dr. Bomberg offers chiropractic care and back pain treatment for clients in New Hope, Plymouth, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. He can treat your sore muscles and joints.


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