The pregnant woman's body undergoes a great deal of changes during the long months in which she is carrying her baby. While there are numerous cautions that she needs to be aware of when it comes to keeping her growing baby's as well as herself safe and healthy. Good chiropractic care can help alleviate some of the complaints that women sometimes have during these long months.


1.      Addresses Changes in Joints and/or the Spine
During pregnancy, the additional weight of the developing baby means that numerous changes occur in the woman's body. For example, the growing abdomen and increased in the curvature of the back can cause the joints and spine to become misaligned.

2.      Realigns the Pelvis
The pelvic area provides the environment for the baby to grow normally. If it becomes misaligned, there is less room for this development. This, in turn, can lead to the mother becoming increasingly uncomfortable and she could even experience pain. If the pelvis is out of alignment, it could also cause a condition called intrauterine constraint. This means that the room that is available for the baby to develop has become limited.

3.      Helps Control Nausea
Many women experience at least some incidences of nausea at some point in her pregnancy. While some nausea is to be expected, it can also lead to dehydration and weakness in the mother. The proper chiropractic care can help reduce the incidences of nausea that the woman suffers, creating a better environment for her baby to develop. It can also help the woman to weather her pregnancy more effectively.

4.      Could Help Prevent a Cesarean Delivery
There are a variety of reasons why a woman might need to undergo a cesarean delivery. A misaligned pelvis can make it so that the woman cannot experience a non-invasive and natural birth. Birth positions that are posterior and breech can make it difficult for the mother to give birth in a way that is safe for the baby. It can lead to a cesarean delivery.


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