Car accident injuries like neck and back pain can be traumatic, and one of the first recommendations is to seek care from a chiropractor. Unfortunately, many people wait to reach out for care because they are unsure whether their health insurance will cover the cost of the adjustments, or they simply don’t have health insurance and assume it’ll be too expensive without coverage.

The first thing to know is that health insurance coverage varies from provider to provider, so you have to check your policy to verify whether chiropractic care is included in your plan. Chiropractic offices will also differ in the health insurance companies they can accept; At Bomberg Chiropractic, we work with Medica, Medicare, and UnitedHeathcare.

Another critical thing to know is that using your health insurance isn’t always the best option. In fact, you might be better off NOT using health insurance for chiropractic care for multiple reasons, from high deductibles to insurance limiting your number of visits. At our New Hope, Minnesota clinic, Dr. Bomberg also has fewer restrictions on what he can treat and what he can't when you don’t use insurance, which makes it a better experience for patients.

So what if you don’t have health insurance or don’t want to use it? There’s also auto insurance. If you pay for a policy in Minnesota – which you’re legally required to if you’re driving – your chiropractic services might be covered.

Here’s what you should know about using your auto insurance coverage for chiropractic care.

Auto Insurance Coverage for Chiropractic Care

Most auto insurance providers cover chiropractic care if it is considered a reasonable necessity after an accident. For example, a whiplash or soft tissue injury would likely fall under your coverage, whereas lacerations and bruises might not.

Minnesota is a no-fault state, so even if another driver is at fault, you use your own auto insurance to file a medical claim. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) comes with all auto insurance policies, even liability only. If the cost of your care exceeds a certain amount and you exhaust your PIP benefits, that’s when the at-fault driver becomes responsible, and their auto insurance gets involved.

Remember that it's not uncommon for insurance companies to dispute charges or state that care was unnecessary. In this situation, it may have to be demonstrated by an attorney and your chiropractor that it was medically necessary. Bomberg Chiropractic helps patients with any legal concerns related to car accident injuries, ensuring as little stress in your life as possible.

The biggest consideration is that you may be responsible for any upfront costs and whatever care plan is in place. Keeping track of any visits and payments you have made is critical because these will be required for proof of care.

Each scenario is unique, and the amount of coverage and how long the claim will take will vary depending on the extent of damage and personal injuries involved.

When You File, Make Sure It's a Medical Claim

While a typical auto accident claim deals with vehicle damage, if individuals have been injured, you need to inform the auto insurance company by opening a medical claim.

Learn Your Provider’s Payment System

Understanding how your auto insurance company’s payments are structured is important because it will help you know when payment will be received. In some circumstances, companies will pay out as soon as the treatments are completed.

For others, you must wait until the individual is improved medically as much as possible, and payment will come after the claim is closed.

Bomberg Chiropractic: Twin Cities Auto Accident Care

Getting in an accident can be a confusing and painful experience. Chiropractic adjustments can be critical, especially in the first few days after the accident, and Bomberg Chiropractic specializes in a variety of gentle and effective treatments.

We accept several auto insurance companies, including Progressive, State Farm, Farmers Insurance, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Geico, Allstate, American Family Insurance, and Travelers Insurance.

Whether you've been in an accident or simply keeping up on wellness care, chiropractic benefits are clear! Call us today at 763-450-1755 or message us online to schedule an appointment.