Back and neck pain is uncomfortable, and chiropractic is a non-evasive and holistic option that doesn't involve surgery or medication. While using health insurance can be beneficial in some circumstances, it may not be the best choice in others, and often, chiropractic care falls into this category. Not using your health insurance to pay for the visits offers multiple benefits, so let's look at the top three advantages below.

You Aren't Limited to Specific Providers

It's no secret that, in most cases, insurance companies aren't as focused on preventative services and are in place to offer a short-term and quick treatment plan. This means limiting the available providers and narrowing down your options. Choosing not to use your health insurance means being able to pick a provider that you trust and not one that you are required to see, giving you more flexibility and control over your care.

You Don't Have to Meet a Deductible

Insurance rates are hefty, and as healthcare costs go up, insurance costs do as well. Deductibles can range from $500 and go up into the thousands, and when you consider the cost of an overall chiropractic care plan, chances are it will be far less than paying the deductible upfront. This means saving time, not having to file the claim, and keeping more money in your pocket by not spending the extra cash on the excess deductible.

Not Using Your Insurance Means Keeping Overall Costs Lower

When it comes to all aspects of medical services, working with insurance companies means the doctors and hospitals are required to negotiate the price of treatments, and what this results in is higher fees and rates for the patients. Choosing to forgo using your health insurance makes the overall process more affordable, and in most cases, the adjustment price will be less than a co-pay.

Payment Options for Chiropractic Care

Whether you don't have insurance, want to choose your provider, or don't have the funding to pay high deductibles, getting the highest quality care doesn't have to be a chore. Bomberg Chiropractic offers the option to pay with a health savings or flexible spending account, or you can always use one of our flexible payment plans to pay per visit, make a monthly payment, or buy a package of multiple office visits at a discount.

Bomberg Chiropractic: Professional Chiropractic Services in Minnesota

As you can see, there are multiple reasons not to utilize your health insurance, and if you have any questions, we are always happy to help. When you choose to work with Bomberg Chiropractic, you're not only getting patient-focused care; we offer advanced techniques, including TENS Therapy Services and Movement based massage to ensure you feel your best.


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