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Bomberg Chiropractic wants to help you recover as quickly as possible after a car accident. Our team will coordinate with your insurance provider to handle all submissions and billing to remove some of the stress and make your recovery process easier. 

Minnesota is a no-fault state, meaning the law says it doesn’t matter who was responsible for your car accident – if you have auto insurance, part of your policy covers personal injury protection (PIP). The only reason to get the other driver’s insurance involved to pay for your injuries is when your care exceeds the PIP limit in your policy. 

No matter the circumstances, we’re here to help you figure it out. And more importantly, to help you focus on your recovery as soon as possible. Dr. Bomberg understands that dealing with paperwork and documents can cause mental and emotional stress, so our team does everything we can to guide the process for you. 

If you’ve been in a car accident with injuries, contact us to use your Progressive auto insurance to cover your care. 

Get the Care You Deserve

Bomberg Chiropractic | Progressive

It's no secret that health care is complex, and as a chiropractor who takes Progressive insurance, we take the guesswork out of the process. This allows you to stay focused on healing with our tailored care plan and support instead of worrying about insurance coverage. Progressive plans offer chiropractic care, including X-ray films and office visits, and our team has strong relationships with attorneys if you need help to settle your case. 

To process the claim, we will need specific pieces of information from you on your first visit, including: 

  • Your Progressive insurance card and policy information
  • The documentation is critical for anyone experiencing symptoms with a workers' comp claim or an accident. 

Care Options After a Car Accident 

Each individual is different, and depending on their experience, their care plan can vary. At Bomberg Chiropractic, we offer various health services customized for our patients, including those using Progressive insurance plans. 

Our premium chiropractic services include the following. 

General Chiropractic Care

A holistic method used for alignment and pain alleviation that can occur after an accident occurs. Our care supports the body's natural healing abilities through retraining and realignment, reducing inflammation and regulating the central nervous system.

Movement Based Massage

Accidents will alter how the body functions. Our movement based massage is an effective and gentle method that reduces pain and tension and improves the range of motion with soft tissue massage called the Active Release Technique.

Kinesio Taping

If an injury has been sustained, our Kinesio taping helps stabilize the affected areas, promoting pain management and faster recovery. The special tape is strategically applied to relieve an assortment of physical concerns.

TENS Therapy

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a noninvasive therapy option for anyone experiencing pain. The low-voltage electrical current sends impulses to the skin prompting the body to produce natural pain relievers and reduce pain levels.

Intersegmental Traction Table

Experience the healing power of Intersegmental Traction Tables (IST) at Bomberg Chiropractic. This treatment gently restores the natural range of motion in the spine, promoting recovery and well-being. 

Through targeted muscle relaxation, reduction of spasms, and accelerated healing, IST tables play a crucial role in the treatment of back injuries. Athletes who regularly use IST tables also enjoy its benefits, but it's important to note that anyone with an active lifestyle or experiencing back pain can benefit from this innovative tool.

How to Prepare for Your First Visit

We know the toll a car accident can take – physically and mentally. Getting to your first treatment as soon as possible is our top priority, and being well-prepared for your first appointment is critical. 

Follow our easy tips below to prepare for your visit and to begin your healing process.

Bring All Necessary Paperwork & Documents

We will complete a health evaluation and note your medical history during your first visit. This in-depth understanding of your background allows us to develop a customized treatment for you and your needs.

Be prepared to answer questions about your family history, history of illness, and other noteworthy conditions. As is the case with most car accident patients, documentation needs may be very specific. 

If you have any documents to be filled out by our staff, please plan to provide those during the visit. 

Take Note: How Are You Feeling?

After a car accident, visiting a chiropractor as soon as possible is important. However, we understand that a lot happens between the day of the accident and the first appointment. It is easy to overlook or forget important details, so we suggest patients note how they are feeling.

Consider this: Is the pain dull? Sharp? Throbbing? Is it persistent, or does it come and go? Is there a certain time of day you feel better or worse? Do certain activities help or hurt? How has your pain evolved over time?

Taking note of how you feel day-to-day is much easier than trying to recall during your appointment. So, whether it is in a notebook or in your phone, try to take note of important changes!

Make Your Visit Easy

Many patients are nervous and tense on the day of the first visit. Wearing comfortable clothes and arriving a little early is usually enough to help patients relax and prepare physically and mentally for treatment.

We are here to help make your visit as pleasant as possible. You may find it helpful to come up with a list of questions – we love that! Our staff is happy to answer questions and address your concerns. 

Schedule Your First Visit Today

While recovering from a car accident can feel like an arduous process, we are here to help. Contact Bomberg Chiropractic today to begin your journey toward recovery or to find answers to any questions you may have!

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