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Insurance Options: State Farm

A streamlined care plan for your needs is critical to returning to optimal functioning, especially after an accident. The last thing you need to worry about is paying for the services, and Dr. Bomberg is proud to be a provider who takes State Farm Insurance in the Twin Cities.

Because Minnesota is a no-fault state, your auto insurance can be used to cover care without raising your rates. Dr. Bomberg Knows how stressful the experience can be, so we will work with your insurance company so you get the care you need and have great relationships with attorneys if you need support with your claim.

Get the Care You Deserve

Bomberg Chiropractic | State Farm

Insurance is complicated, and making heads or tails of what's provided just adds to the stress of trying to heal after an accident. This is why our team offers additional support and works directly with your State Farm provider to ensure you're getting the coverage needed.

To get your claim and care started as quickly as possible, you will need to bring key pieces of information with you, including:

  • Your State Farm insurance card and/or policy information
  • Documentation from your primary doctor or other health officials. These are critical pieces of information that support the legitimacy of your claim, so be sure to bring them to your appointment.

Care Options After a Car Accident

For some, the automatic go-to may be surgery or drugs; however, these aren't always appropriate for everyone. The team at Bomberg Chiropractic works with your body's needs to help it use its natural intelligence to support your healing process.

We offer various holistic health services to get you feeling your best as quickly as possible.

General Chiropractic

A natural and complementary medicine that uses hands-on adjustments to help the body heal itself. While it can be used for regular upkeep and care, it's particularly beneficial after experiencing an accident for alignment and symptom relief.

Movement Based Massage

An accident can throw your entire body off balance, and you may have decreased ability to move certain parts. Movement based massage is an effective and gentle option that can help reduce pain, increase range of motion, and relieve soft tissue tension through Active Release Technique.

Kinesio Taping

This method uses Kinesiology tape to help inhibit spasms and pain and facilitate motion after injuries. The process can reeducate muscles, support weaker areas, and treat injuries helping to reduce pain and discomfort.

TENS Therapy

Whether you have experienced a car accident or a slip and fall, TENS therapy is a non-invasive and drug-free option that uses Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation to accelerate healing and offer pain relief through the use of a low-voltage electrical current.

Intersegmental Traction Table

We’re excited to introduce revolutionary Intersegmental Traction Tables (IST) at Bomberg Chiropractic. These specialized tables are designed to restore the natural range of motion in the spine, promoting healing and recovery.

We harness the power of IST tables to facilitate muscle relaxation, reduce spasms, and accelerate the recovery process for patients with back injuries. Anyone who is physically active or dealing with back pain can experience the advantages of this incredible tool.

What to Expect at Your First Appointment

Like many patients, you may wonder what to expect during your first treatment. Having your insurance information available and a journal of the symptoms you are experiencing will help as we gather your patient information and history.

Remember, although we treat pain or injury after an auto accident, gathering your extensive history and background is important to ensure a speedy and successful recovery.

As always, it is important to bring any questions or concerns you may have to the doctor’s attention at this time.

Your input and feedback allow us to customize your treatment and work hand-in-hand to deliver your desired outcomes.

Identifying the Pain

During your initial visit, we may also utilize various techniques to locate the areas of injury or discomfort caused by your car accident. This can include x-rays or other imaging, which oftentimes is used to rule out severe injuries, or physical positioning of your body to identify your range of motion or specific areas of discomfort.

This hands-on examination allows us to determine the extent of your injuries and begin planning your treatment.

Customized Treatment Plan

Once it has been determined that chiropractic care is the best course of treatment for you, Dr. Bomberg will outline your customized treatment. Most patients receive their first chiropractic treatment during the initial visit. For this reason, we recommend wearing comfortable clothing to your visit.

Like any chiropractic treatment, our goal is to alleviate pain and help “retrain” your body, thus treating your short-term discomfort and ensuring long-term health. With your recent auto accident injuries in mind, your upcoming treatment plan will focus on treating any injuries caused by the accident while protecting the long-term integrity of your physical health.

Get Treatment Right Away After a Car Accident

Need an office visit after an auto accident? Contact our expert team today to begin your journey toward a happier and healthier life!

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