New Year Resolutions: Reach Your Goals!

It’s that time of year when we try to recover from holiday excesses, make resolutions for the new year, and set goals of all types.

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7 Causes of Lower Back Pain

Back pain can strike out of nowhere. When it does, the pain will usually last less than two months (acute pain), or it can continue indefinitely (chronic). Unlike many health conditions where doctors cannot trace the origin of the condition, we can identify the cause of back pain immediately and provide treatment. Health issues that are commonly linked to back pain include:

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Bomberg Chiropractic Helps You Navigate the Health Insurance Maze

One of the first questions we hear from potential patients is “Do you accept health insurance?” And we are happy to respond with the answer of “Yes!” Did you know some chiropractors only work with clients who can pay for their treatments out of pocket? Bomberg Chiropractic is different than other chiropractors - we know that coordinating with your health insurance provider is an important part of getting the care you need. Unanswered insurance coverage questions and copay concerns can be a potential roadblock to getting the treatment you deserve, so we’ve made every effort to make Bomberg Chiropractic as insurance friendly as possible.

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Football Season: What You Should Know About Concussions and Back Pain

Football season creates a lot of excitement during this time of year. From little leaguers just starting out to pro veterans, we all love to watch a good football game. Recent studies over the last decade, however, have revealed the harsh impact that players sustain during a football game have to lead to concussions and terminal back pain, neck pain, and head injuries.

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Why Choose Bomberg Chiropractic after a Car Accident?

So, you’ve been in a car accident – what happens next? Aside from talking with your auto insurance company, and dealing with getting your car repaired, now is the time to take note of any physical symptoms that show up a few days after your accident. Other than the classic neck pain and back pain usually associated with auto accident injuries, there are other symptoms you should be looking for – headaches, stiffness, tightness, and numbness are all symptoms that you should pay attention to after an accident.

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How Sitting All Day Can Hurt Your Back

At Bomberg Chiropractic, we specialize in back pain both in the lower region and in the shoulder area. Many of the patients that come to us complain of having pain in the lower back, and muscular tension across the shoulders and neck area. In some case, the pain is severe. Upon further research, we’ve discovered that many of these patients have desk jobs in which they sit in a chair for at least 8 hours with a few breaks in-between.

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Get to Know Your Doctor - Tom Bomberg

What motivates you to work hard?

The miracles that go on in the clinic. When you see a patient walk into the office knowing that they have had headaches for their whole lives and after one appointment, they went without a headache for a few hours or days, is incredible. I love seeing the direct impact treatments have on people. I am motivated to get incredible results quickly because that is what gets me excited for the day.

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5 Back Straining Exercises You Should Avoid

How effective a workout routine is at getting you in shape is largely determined by proper positioning. If you perform the exercise using correct form, then you’ll get the desired result without hurting your spine. If you demonstrate poor posture, however, you may find that your back will suffer even if you are a corporate athlete. Below we list five of these pain inducing workout routines to stay away from.

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Exciting New Community Outreach Program Bomberg Chiropractic Is Offering to Help Businesses

Bomberg Chiropractic is excited to announce a new on-site program we are opening up to better serve our community at your place of business. If you are a business owner, office coordinator or human resource manager, we have a great opportunity to show appreciation to your employees. Additionally, providing value to your team, setting up an Office Ergonomic Check-Up is a great tool to utilize in order to improve your employee’s desk quickly and cost-effectively. 

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What to Know About Kinesio Taping

Whether you're a professional athlete or just someone who has aches and pains, you can benefit from Kinesio Taping. We use the treatment to help people of all physical activity levels to relieve pain. At Bomberg Chiropractic we assess all aspects of your chiropractic needs and if applicable we will provide you with Kinesio taping. Read below to learn more about the benefits!

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Why Choose Dr. Tom Bomberg

He Cares About Your Health

Dr. Tom Bomberg prides himself in listening to what his patients want, and works hard to provide them with the exact services that they need. Healthcare isn’t one-size-fits-all, and Dr. Tom Bomberg’s focus is on providing personalized services tailored to each patient.

He Respects Your Time

Dr. Tom Bomberg values and respects your time. You have a busy schedule, and getting the chiropractic treatment you need should be convenient for you. Keeping to your scheduled appointment time is something Dr. Tom Bomberg strives to respect.

He Wants To Help

Dr. Tom Bomberg values each of his patients. Through personalized healthcare services that use cutting-edge techniques, Dr. Tom Bomberg’s goal is to provide his patients with the excellent service that they expect and deserve.

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