Sometimes, back pain isn’t caused by direct action. Experts believe sitting is unhealthier than smoking, and their results aren’t only related to heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes. Sometimes, everyday habits can cause back pain. Chiropractic care has come a long way, and it’s looking deeply at modern habits. If you’re an office worker, a stay-at-home worker or simply love sitting—beware. These five sitting habits might be damaging more than your posture.


Habit One: Sitting Too Often


Sitting by itself can cause back damages if it’s done too much. In fact, it puts about 40 percent more pressure on your spine than standing does. If you sit for work, you should be standing—walking around, ideally—about once every two hours.


Habit Two: Leaning Back Too Much


If you sit with a natural “lean,” you might be weakening your back muscles. Over time, your back’s inactive joints lose lubrication if you don’t use them. They also age quickly. If you’re sitting in a comfortable way—a way which reduces back pain—then good. But, if you’re lounging to be lazy, you might be damaging your back over time.


Habit Three: Hunching


Experts believe over-hunching—and even doing crunch exercises—too often can create back pain. Having a strong core is important, but a rounded spine—over time—will imbalance that core. Movement based massage can help with this, assisting your natural posture while relieving back pain.


Habit Four: Not Standing to Stretch


As said above, crunches can improve your core’s strength. If possible, you should stretch. Why? Because moderate crunching and back stretches can build up lean muscle. This muscle, over time, will fortify your back from injuries. Again, too, you’ll benefit from active, healthy, joints.


Habit Five: Sitting Too Straight


While leaning back too often can damage your back, sitting too straight can reduce your spine’s disc compressions. It’s important to lean back, slightly, every so often. If you’re taking a call, lean back. If someone stops by to chat, lean back. Your lower back, in any event, needs to be supported. Your head should be straight, and not lurched.


Many of today’s workers are computer-based. It isn’t rare for an office worker to require extensive chiropractic treatment. Take frequent trips to get water, go out for food and walk around. These might seem like small steps, but habits form routines—and routines will shape your health, life and wellbeing.


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