BioFreeze is an analgesic that relieves pain through a menthol-induced cooling process. Unlike medications and surgical procedures, it relieves pain naturally for conditions such as overworked muscles, chronic back pain, or arthritis.


BioFreeze penetrates the skin quickly and targets the joints to ease the pain through cold therapy. In fact, some chiropractors use BioFreeze as a supplement to standard chiropractic treatment. Together, both approaches can help patients experience pain-relief in the areas where they hurt the most.

Understanding the Gate Control Theory

The gate in the spinal cord differentiates between the types of fibers carrying pain signals. For instance, a small fiber may only carry a small amount of pain. Thus, the spinal cord allows it to pass and be felt. The gate may block a large signal of pain traveling through a larger fiber.


The spinal cord may block the signal before it reaches the brain. This is why you may feel some sensory pain, but not feel other types of pain. This discovery about gate control helps us to understand that pain does not originate in bodily tissue. Rather, it exists if the brain interprets a signal as painful.

Using BioFreeze to Overshadow Pain Signals

This reverse understanding of pain sets the stage for BioFreeze. Since BioFreeze acts quickly, it overrides the pain signals stemming from the small and large fibers. It creates a cold sensation that replaces the pain signals. The result is the patient feels better almost instantly after the BioFreeze is applied to the skin.

BioFreeze Stimulates the Cold Receptors

When the patient applies BioFreeze to the skin, the menthol joins with the receptors of the skin that are sensitive to temperature. The ingredient stimulates the receptors and alters the pain signals that are present in the body’s pain-relieving system. The pain signals are mitigated through this process.

The Benefits of BioFreeze

BioFreeze provides relief from numerous pain conditions such as:

●        Shoulder and arm discomfort

●        Back pain

●        Arthritis pain

●        Painful joints

●        Ankle or foot pain

●        Muscle soreness or strain

●        Sports injuries


BioFreeze also aids in the recovery process from injuries. It can help provide comfort for sprained or twisted ankles.

BioFreeze Treatment Available

If you are suffering from muscle or joint pain and are seeking instant relief, then contact Bomberg Chiropractic. We offer a wide range of chiropractic pain treatments, as well as BioFreeze. To schedule a consultation or chiropractic treatment, call us at 763-450-1755. You can also send a message to