Essential to our well-being, sleep is one of the most important parts of our everyday lives. However, due to a variety of reasons, many of us do not get the proper amount of sleep or we simply sleep uncomfortably, which can negatively impact our lives, mindsets, and daily attitudes.


Though there are a variety of reasons why you might be losing sleep or not sleeping well, our team at Bomberg Chiropractic is going to walk you through a few common reasons as to why you may be suffering from lack of sleep. Our certified, licensed experts are the best in the business and can help you live and sleep better with a few techniques.

●      Avoid Blue Lights

In recent years, as technologies have continued to grow, many have begun to lose sleep as they spend more time on their mobile devices. Research over the last few years has shown that the constant use of electronics before sleep interrupts the brain’s natural sleep-wake cycles. The blue, artificial light that emanates from electronics tricks the brain into believing it is daytime, which obviously impairs your sleeping habits.


An easy solution is to limit your use of electronics before bed, if not cut them off completely. Another solution is to take advantage of your phone or other device’s night mode function. This tool automatically reduces the blue light being produced by your phone or other device, which in turn, improves your sleep.

●      Shut Off or Dim the Lights

Similar to the blue light that radiates from your devices, regular light in your bedroom can also impact your sleeping patterns. A dark, nearly all black environment is obviously best for resting. By shutting off all lights, nightlights, and tightly shutting the blinds or curtains, your mind is subconsciously able to relax. Even if the slightest amount of light is creeping under your door or through your window, your eyes pick up the light and your mind reacts, even if you are asleep. Studies have shown that when there is even the slightest amount of light in your room when you are trying to sleep, it delays the onset of melatonin, which your body produces to help you sleep. By cutting out as much light as possible, you can increase your melatonin levels and rest well.

●      Adjust the Temperature to the Mid 60s

While you sleep, your body’s temperature naturally goes down while your heart rate goes down and your mind rests. Studies have shown that we rest much easier when your body temperature matches the temperature of the room you are in. Therefore, turning the thermostat down to make the air reflect your body temperature, allows you to sleep better.


Studies have shown that most people are more comfortable sleeping when the temperature is in the mid-60s. Even though saving money and keeping your home at a higher or lower temperature depending on the weather, it can disrupt your sleep, so you should always take your health into account before everything else.

●      Avoid Caffeine in the Afternoon

Although you may believe you need to drink caffeine throughout the day in order to be productive, studies have shown that caffeine negatively affects your sleeping patterns if you consume too much or if you drink caffeine past noon. Although you may not notice the change in your sleeping patterns because you’re used to a constant stream of caffeine and late nights, it does negatively impact your health.

●      Relax Your Body and Mind With a Warm Shower

Oftentimes, if you are having trouble falling asleep, taking a warm shower or bath is a simple way to help you relax and get some rest. During the day, your body temperature naturally adjusts to the temperature around you in accordance with your circadian rhythm. This rhythm controls your body’s sleep-wake cycle. By taking a warm shower before bed, your muscles relax, and your body temperature automatically rises. After you step out of the shower and dry off, your body suddenly cools down, which tells your brain it’s time to sleep.

●      Practice Meditation

Another simple way to relax your mind and improve your mood before bed is to meditate. Studies have shown that those who regularly meditate are able to relax their nerves, psyche, and are able to sleep better than others. Even meditating for a few minutes can help you get ready to rest, as opposed to waiting for your body to relax on its own. By taking action to help your mind rest, you may get more rest than someone who passively waits for their body to relax.

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