If you’re planning to visit a chiropractor for that ache in your back or that annoying crick in your neck, you’re making a wise decision. But, something many people don’t know is that chiropractors aren’t just masters of the widely known chiropractic adjustment—they administer other highly effective treatments, too.

At Bomberg Chiropractic, we’re here to help you feel your absolute best. To do that, we frequently include various specialty treatments to improve your results, encourage optimal functioning, and ensure long-term relief. Curious what they are? Let’s dive into the details below!

Movement-Based Massage

Movement-based massage, also referred to as Active Release Technique (ART), can help alleviate problems with limited range of motion, decreasing muscular strength, and of course, musculoskeletal pain.

The therapy combines manual soft tissue manipulation with passive movement of the affected area, which effectively breaks up scar tissue and helps restore normal movement and function. When combined with chiropractic adjustment techniques, movement-based massage is helpful in the treatment of several conditions, including:

●        Low back pain

●        Shoulder pain and limited mobility

●        Joint pain and restriction

●        Headaches

●        Muscle strain or injury

●        Nerve pain, especially sciatica

●        Tendon and ligament dysfunction

When scar tissue builds within your body—from injuries, overuse, and even daily activities—it can cause tension, restriction, and pain wherever it accumulates. Unfortunately, that tissue often exerts pressure on surrounding nerves and connective tissues, which can seriously affect your normal range of motion and limit your overall mobility.

As a certified ART practitioner, Dr. Bomberg utilizes a variety of release techniques to administer a highly targeted treatment throughout each affected area. With routine treatment, the therapy helps maintain the results of your chiropractic adjustments, alleviates muscular discomfort, and improves range of motion.

HydroMassage Therapy

Are you dealing with muscular pain, tension, or stiffness? HydroMassage treatments can help! At Bomberg Chiropractic, our HydroMassage table is a super comfy, heated bed that delivers a gentle, relaxing massage using pressurized jets of water.

We adjust water disbursement, pressure, and temperature depending on the level of discomfort and tension you’re experiencing, to ensure you receive a treatment specifically tailored to your needs. In combination with chiropractic care, HydroMassage offers several tangible benefits, including:

●        Circulation improvement

●        Muscle relaxation

●        Temporary relief from aches and pains

●        Stress and anxiety reduction

●        Tension relief

●        Range of motion improvement

TENS Therapy

TENS therapy, also known as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, is a frequent addition in many patients’ care plans due to its high efficacy in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. The therapy relies on a small device with attached electrodes, which produces low-voltage, gentle electrical impulses that stimulate the nerve fibers within the affected area. TENS therapy can help you if you suffer from:

●        Arthritis pain and associated dysfunction

●        Injuries and muscle spasms

●        Fibromyalgia

●        Neuropathy

●        Back pain and neck pain

●        Joint pain

●        Postoperative pain

By stimulating your nerve fibers throughout the affected area, TENS therapy encourages your body to produce additional neurotransmitters that function to block pain signaling. The treatment is a non-invasive and gentle form of pain relief therapy that perfectly complements routine chiropractic care.

Kinesio Taping

If you’re an athlete or an active individual, chances are you’ve suffered from at least a minor injury or two. Even if you’ve haven’t struggled with injuries, you’ve probably dealt with range of motion issues, stability problems, discomfort after training, and maybe even joint pain. If you’re nodding in agreement, Kinesio taping is for you.

Kinesio taping is a form of non-invasive therapy that uses a specialized adhesive tape to provide support and stability around your affected joints, nerves, and muscles. When applied to your skin, the tape gently pulls the upper layer of skin away from the affected area to encourage additional blood flow and nutrient delivery to injured and dysfunctional tissues. Because your blood contains healing platelets and a variety of restorative growth factors, adequate circulation is essential for optimal recovery.

This gentle, non-restrictive rehabilitative technique encourages healing and improved function by:

●        Improving alignment

●        Reducing inflammation in the affected area(s)

●        Increasing space in restricted joints

●        Reducing pressure on nerves and trigger points

●        Providing additional support in weak or injury-prone areas

While you may not notice immediate results, with continued application, Kinesio tape can provide a substantial improvement in range of motion and overall physical performance. Just the sensation of the tape on your skin provides valuable feedback that helps you concentrate on correcting abnormal movement patterns that contribute to dysfunction and discomfort. Essentially, it helps you retrain your muscles and connective tissue to function in the healthiest manner possible.

Graston Technique

If you struggle with soft tissue restriction, reduced range of motion, or pain with movement, Graston Technique can help. This therapy is a form of instrument-assisted tissue mobilization that relies on specialized tools and pressure techniques to break apart scar tissue and fascia restrictions that impede normal movement. Depending on Dr. Bomberg’s assessment of your condition and your physical limitations, Graston Technique may be highly effective if you struggle with:

●        Chronic inflammation in specific areas

●        Chronic muscle pain

●        Back pain or neck pain

●        Painful trigger points

●        Joint restrictions

●        Soft tissue injuries or dysfunction

Though Graston is highly effective for many musculoskeletal conditions, it’s not for the faint of heart. The treatment involves repeated rubbing of the affected area using stainless steel tools, usually for a period of 30 to 60 seconds. You’ll likely experience some discomfort during the process, but in this case, the old adage “no pain, no gain” is certainly true.

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