The chiropractic practice has the ability to improve joint function in areas that are stiff and not moving well. With most nerve problems, re-creating the joint function is a crucial component to maintaining joint health. A healthy joint moves, like pushing into a cushion, and when areas get locked up or restricted, that joint function is lost. Chiropractic is a specific response to this problem and provides adjustments to restricted segments, allowing the nerves an increased flexible area to function properly.


Please be aware that physical therapy is working on the assumption that the joints are all healthy and functioning properly. With any exercise, strengthening is a good thing. However, if the joints are not moving properly before you start to strengthen the weak areas, you are ultimately skipping a crucial step in correcting the underlying problem.


I am providing you this information so you are aware of what both professions can and are intended to provide. Physical therapy starts where chiropractic leaves off. If you have any questions about the above content please don't hesitate to call or email. I am always happy to help or answer any further questions you may have.