Do you know that prolonged sitting can have a profoundly negative effect on your body? If you’re stuck sitting behind a desk all day, you’re a prime candidate for low back pain, limited mobility, poor posture, and even more severe, long-term health issues as you age. And, since the average person sits for a whopping 10 hours per day, most people are at risk for the aforementioned health problems.

At Bomberg Chiropractic, it’s our goal to help your body feel and perform its best, which we achieve through a variety of chiropractic services and complementary treatments. Below, we’re discussing simple ways you can improve your health if you have a sedentary profession, so you can stay healthy and fit while you sit!

Chiropractic Care: Essential Treatment for Desk Workers

If you must sit all day, one of the most effective things you can do to maintain your physical health is to schedule regular chiropractic treatments. Comprehensive chiropractic care doesn’t just involve a quick adjustment once or twice per week; it approaches whole-body health from a holistic standpoint.

With chiropractic wellness treatments, your chiropractor routinely ensures your musculoskeletal system is properly aligned, mobile, and functioning appropriately. Even if you don’t necessarily feel pain, that doesn’t mean your musculoskeletal system doesn’t need attention. Routine appointments allow your chiropractor to detect slight issues before they become glaringly painful problems, so you continue to feel and function your best.

At Bomberg Chiropractic, we offer a variety of non-invasive therapies designed to address the physical problems associated with sedentary professions, including:

●        Chiropractic Adjustments. Low back pain, neck pain, tingling extremities, and headaches are common among desk workers. These issues often develop as a result of poor sitting posture, which gradually shifts the spine out of its normal alignment. Routine chiropractic adjustments gently bring your musculoskeletal system back into proper alignment, which helps alleviate discomfort and stiffness while improving mobility and overall functioning.

●        Movement Based Massage. Prolonged sitting places your body in an unnatural position, which can reduce normal blood circulation and place undue pressure on your spine and surrounding muscles. Muscle strain, combined with poor circulation, can lead to scar tissue development and painful muscular knots known as trigger points.

Connective tissues can also take a beating from excessive sitting, resulting in issues such as tendonitis and tendonosis. Eventually, muscular or connective tissue tension can contribute to nerve compression, which compromises your mobility, strength, and overall comfort.

Movement-based massage is highly effective at gently correcting these musculoskeletal abnormalities while reducing discomfort, and improving mobility.

●        HydroMassage Therapy. Hydromassage is a fantastic way to relax tight, sore muscles and alleviate discomfort. The treatment utilizes pressurized jets of water set to specific temperatures and concentrations, which gently oscillate inside the massage bed, beneath the recipient. Dr. Bomberg custom programs each treatment based on your unique needs to ensure optimal results. Unlike traditional massage, Hydromassage allows you to remain fully clothed.

●        TENS Therapy. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation uses a low-voltage electrical current to gently stimulate nerve fibers and override pain signaling. If you suffer from chronic pain, tension, or muscle spasms, TENS therapy is an effective method of alleviating discomfort and improving mobility.

Keep in mind, though, that while some patients experience long-term relief, the treatment typically elicits temporary results. TENS sessions are often combined with other chiropractic services for optimal results.

Set Your Desk Up for Success

The manner in which you sit can be more detrimental than the sitting itself! Make sure you set up your work area to facilitate proper posture and ease of use, so you’re not placing excess stress on your body. Here are a few simple things you can try:

●        Use a standing desk, if possible

●        Keep your computer at eye level to ensure healthy neck posture

●        Use an ergonomic chair designed to support back health

●        Adjust your chair so that your arms and shoulders are relaxed while typing

●        Keep both feet flat on the floor — no crossing your legs!

●        Don’t slouch! Sit up straight and tall, keep your hips close the back of the chair, try not to lean toward either side, and make sure your thighs form a 90° angle with your torso.

It’s also helpful to shift your position slightly about every 30 minutes or so. Adding in a bit of gentle stretching can also keep discomfort and slouching at bay.

Get Up & Move!

Last but certainly not least, make sure you’re getting up and moving throughout the day! Take a walk to the water fountain, opt for the stairs over the elevator, or go for a quick stroll during lunch. Even a couple of minutes spent walking down the hallway and back can improve blood and prevent excessive muscle tension.

Just make sure that when you sit back down, you do so with good posture! If you have questions about how to sit with proper posture at work, we’re always more than happy to help you learn healthier sitting habits!

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When you’re forced to sit all day for work, it can be easy to forget what it feels like to have a healthy, high-functioning body. At Bomberg Chiropractic, it’s our goal to help you remember! If you’ve been struggling with chronic back pain or neck pain, headaches, tingling extremities, or other physical issues associated with excessive sitting, our team is here to help.

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